Would You Be Open to Paying Road Usage Fees for Driving in Michigan?

Michigan’s roads are undeniably in a sorry state. The state’s crumbling infrastructure has become a subject of mockery, online memes, and even supporters of Governor Gretchen Whitmer acknowledge that her promise to “Fix the damn roads” has fallen short.

As soon as you cross the state line into Ohio or Indiana (and I’m assuming Wisconsin as well, although I haven’t personally experienced it), you’ll immediately notice a significant improvement in the road surface quality.

But what is the solution? Would you be open to the idea of paying ‘road usage fees’ instead of the state’s gas tax to revamp Michigan’s infrastructure funding and maintenance system?

Electric Vehicles Create a Shift in Funding

The concept of road usage fees aims to distribute the responsibility of funding among all drivers, rather than solely relying on those who use gasoline in their vehicles. Presently, residents of Michigan are faced with the sixth highest gas tax in the country, standing at 28.6 cents per gallon.

With the increase in the number of electric vehicles being used in our state, fewer drivers are contributing to the gas tax. However, it is important to mention that owners of electric vehicles do pay additional registration fees for owning these cars.


Exploring Road Usage Taxes

Residents in Michigan have the opportunity to provide their input and opinions on potential changes to the state’s road and bridge maintenance. This comes as Michigan, along with approximately twelve other states, considers implementing a road usage tax system. The state is conducting a survey to gather feedback from its residents on this matter.

The Michigan Department of Transportation started by giving out $10 gift cards to people who took part in the survey when it was launched in January. However, the response was so overwhelming due to the strong opinions of Michiganders on the topic that MDOT had to withdraw the gift card offer. Nevertheless, they are still actively seeking residents’ opinions until March.

Click on this link to access the survey.

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