North Carolina Local Organization Aims To Empower Black Voters

Aiexpress –  North Carolina’s Republican-led legislature is currently dealing with a series of legal challenges regarding its recently revised voter district maps.

Multiple organizations claim that they have been subjected to racial gerrymandering.

A local initiative called the Black Ballot Initiative, launched by For the Struggle’s Eatmon Project, is working towards empowering Black voters at the grassroots level. Their primary focus is to train election monitors. As various cases continue to be resolved in court, this initiative aims to ensure that Black voters have a strong presence and voice in the electoral process.

According to Alesha Brown, executive director of For the Struggle, there are individuals actively working to hinder people from voting. She emphasizes the importance of participating in the electoral process, stating that these efforts to discourage voting should serve as motivation to get out and vote. Brown believes that by exercising our right to vote, we are defying those who seek to suppress our voices.

The Eatmon Project is named in honor of Cherisse Eatmon, who passed away in 2020.


“We chose to name our ambitious project in honor of an extraordinary young woman named Cherise Eatmon, who sadly passed away in 2020,” Brown explained. “Today, on her birthday, it holds even greater significance as we unveil this initiative and pay tribute to her remarkable legacy.”

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