North Texas Lawmakers Support Border Convoy

Two members of Congress from North Texas are supporting a “Take Our Border Back Convoy” that is scheduled to travel to the Texas, Arizona, and California borders from January 29 through February 3, 2024.

Collin County Congressman Keith Self expressed his support on Twitter.

During his appearance on the Fox Business News Channel, the Congressman enthusiastically highlighted the convoy.

‘TAKE OUR BORDER BACK’: 700K trucks will take part in border convoy


During an appearance on the Fox Business News Channel, Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne from Dallas & Tarrant County expressed her support for the cause.

“I say bring those beautiful, huge semis, those 18-wheeler bad boys down here to protect our border. They need to understand that … they can’t sweep this under the rug. People are opening their eyes to it, and I hope it is a fantastic convoy, and I hope it does, you know, shed more light on it, and you’re seeing people from around the country. I mean, they’re even talking about having folks from Canada now come down because they see the damage that is being caused. So yeah, bring those bad boys down.” Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne (January 25, 2024)

Mentions of the convoy are gaining traction in news reports and tweets online, despite facing criticism. With influential Texas politicians like Keith Self and Beth Van Duyne supporting it, the convoy is expected to garner even more support in the coming days.

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