Ohio Experiences Dangerous Tornado, While Indiana And Kentucky Also See Tornado Damage

Severe weather struck the Midwest last night, with reports of a dangerous half-mile-wide tornado in northern Ohio. The outbreak of severe weather also brought confirmed tornadoes in Kentucky and Indiana, tragically resulting in at least three deaths.

The National Weather Service’s Cleveland office expressed great concern about the tornado currently in progress, emphasizing its high level of danger.

Forecasters are closely monitoring two tornadic rotations, one in Crawford County, Ohio, and a stronger one in northern Ashland County.

According to the weather service, there is a “likely” threat of a few tornadoes. In addition, forecasters have also mentioned the possibility of scattered wind gusts reaching up to 70 mph and hail the size of tennis balls.

Photos reveal the devastating aftermath of a landslide that struck a luxurious neighborhood in Los Angeles. Multiple homes have been damaged, and one home has collapsed entirely.


3 deaths in Indiana linked to severe storm, more tornadoes reported in Kentucky

Several individuals were seriously injured in Winchester, Indiana, after strong thunderstorms and possible tornadoes struck Thursday afternoon.

Indiana State Police first reported three deaths; however, Sgt. Scott Keegan stated that investigators could not confirm any deaths as of Friday 12:15 a.m. EDT.

The storm also reportedly wrecked a mobile home park and a Taco Bell in the eastern Indiana town, as well as seriously damaging other structures in Randolph County, which is located about 85 miles east of Indianapolis. A funnel cloud was spotted in southwestern Delaware County about 8:20 p.m. EDT.

Several tornadoes were reported in southern Indiana and north-central Kentucky on Thursday.

The Indiana Emergency Management Agency confirmed two tornadoes west of Madison, Indiana, one in Hanover and another in Switzerland County.

There were no casualties recorded, but at least one home and trailer were damaged. According to USA TODAY’s tracking, nearly 9,000 power disruptions occurred across the state.

A tornado struck Milton, Kentucky, damaging at least 50 structures, including residences, according to Trimble County Emergency Management Director Andrew Stark. There have also been reports of fallen trees and electrical wires.

According to USA TODAY’s outage map, over 5,000 outages were recorded around the state.

Weather service meteorologists had previously warned that tornadoes and large hail might endanger sections of north-central Texas and the Midwest, with eastern Oklahoma, Arkansas, and southern Missouri facing the greatest overall risk.

A video of what seemed to be a large tornado in Kansas overnight has circulated online.

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