Shocking incident: FedEx semitrailer rolls over bridge, causing injuries to 5 people, according to authorities

Officials have reported that a FedEx semitrailer rolled over a bridge in Pittsford, New York on Thursday morning, resulting in injuries to five individuals, including an infant.

The incident occurred just before 8:30 a.m. on an I-90 bridge near exits 45 and 46 above Pittsford Mendon Center Road, as shared by Henrietta Fire Chief Mark Cholach during a media briefing. According to the New York State Police, a semitrailer sideswiped a vehicle.

The semitrailer, a FedEx truck operated by a Pennsylvania business, turned over on the bridge, leaving the truck’s cab supported by a railing, according to officials and images from the incident.

According to Cholach, first responders found the FedEx driver conscious and alert on the side of the road, outside the truck.

During the briefing, Frank Manzo, chief of CHS Mobile Integrated Healthcare ambulance service, stated that four other people were hurt in a second vehicle, including three adults and an infant.


All five people were sent to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester with “apparently minor injuries,” according to Manzo.

Cholach stated that the FedEx truck was empty at the time of the incident and that if it had been filled, the injuries could have been considerably worse.

“Both trailers, fortunately, are empty,” Cholach added. “Had those trailers been full, I can virtually guarantee you that the entirety of that wreck would have been down on Pittsford Mendon Center Road and probably not survivable at that point.”

Cholach is “quite flabbergasted” that the FedEx driver had just minor injuries despite the severity of the incident.

“Sometimes the man upstairs is smiling at you and saying it’s not your time, and that’s what he got today,” he added.

According to Cholach, a hazmat team was rushed to the scene since the incident caused diesel, oil, and mechanical fluid to flow.

Authorities claimed that multiple local and state agencies came to the incident and that the road is currently closed while they work on it.

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