Ohio woman faces charges for allegedly fabricating daughter’s cancer diagnosis to collect money

An Ohio woman is currently facing charges after officials discovered that she had allegedly stolen thousands of dollars by deceiving others into believing that her daughter had cancer.

Pamela Reed, a 41-year-old resident of Pleasant City, stands accused of submitting falsified documents to her daughter’s school, falsely claiming that the seven-year-old child was suffering from cancer. This information has been revealed through court documents that have been partially redacted and subsequently posted online.

According to court documents, Reed informed the school that her daughter, whose name is not disclosed, had a visual impairment in her right eye and was scheduled to undergo a port implantation for cancer treatment. The documents also mention that Reed made several Facebook posts regarding her daughter’s battle with cancer.

According to a Facebook post by the Noble County Sheriff’s Office, numerous local organizations joined forces to raise funds and provide financial assistance to the family in order to cover their medical expenses. One of these organizations generously donated around $8,000 specifically to support the cancer treatment expenses.

According to court documents, Shenandoah Elementary School grew suspicious of Reed’s claims about her daughter after conducting a routine eye exam, which they conducted for all students. The school also raised concerns about the girl’s attendance, as she had already missed over 280 hours of school for the year, as stated in the documents.


The school administrator reached out to a healthcare provider, who verified that the child was not diagnosed with cancer or leukemia and had never been. Following this confirmation, the school promptly contacted the sheriff’s office and Noble County Children’s Services to share their concerns.

According to court documents, authorities questioned Reed on January 8. During the questioning, she reportedly confessed that her daughter did not have cancer. She admitted to altering documents from a healthcare provider, falsely stating that her daughter had leukemia. These falsified documents were then sent to the school.

Reed acknowledged that she had shaved her daughter’s hair and clarified that it wasn’t a result of cancer treatments, as stated in the court documents. She further mentioned that she had falsely claimed her daughter had cancer on social media, confessing that she did so because she enjoyed the supportive response she received.

Reed, who was charged with theft by deception, a felony in the fourth degree, is currently under arrest and has a bond set at $50,000. As per the jail roster, she is currently held in the Noble County Jail. If found guilty, she could potentially face a maximum prison sentence of 18 months, in accordance with Ohio law.

According to court documents, authorities took the daughter in question and another 10-year-old daughter out of Reed’s home due to safety concerns. The current whereabouts of the children are unknown.

“We are filled with immense pride for the diligent efforts of the Children’s Services staff and the collaborative action taken by law enforcement to ensure the safety of these children,” stated Sheriff Jason Mackie and Misty Wells, director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, in a joint statement shared on Facebook.

Child abuse and neglect can manifest in various ways and may not always fit into clear-cut, standard patterns. If you, whether as a professional or a concerned member of our community, have a gut feeling that something is amiss, it is crucial to act promptly and make a report. The dedication and determination of this team are truly inspiring,” the statement emphasized.

ABC News’ request for comment was not immediately replied to by Reed’s attorney.

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