OKCPD apprehends a burglary suspect with Community assistance

The Oklahoma City Police Department has announced that thanks to the assistance of the community, they have been able to identify a man who is suspected of burglarizing a home in the vicinity of Yukon.

Police officials utilized social media platforms to aid in identifying the individual who was spotted wearing a U.S. Postal Service jacket. It has been confirmed by authorities that the person in question was not engaged in mail delivery duties.

A man is facing charges in Oklahoma City for allegedly breaking into a home in Mustang and stealing various items, including a shotgun, jewelry, prescription medication, and cash, according to the local police.

Upon investigation, the officer discovered the shotgun and medication discarded in the grass, however, the cash and jewelry were not recovered.

After the photo was posted on social media, the police received a tip through crime stoppers which helped them identify the man.


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