Pennsylvania lawmaker plans to introduce legislation revoking carry permits for individuals caught with guns at TSA checkpoints

A .380-caliber handgun was confiscated at Pittsburgh International Airport on Christmas Day.

According to a spokesperson from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a loaded gun containing six bullets was discovered in the carry-on luggage of a man from Washington County.

Lisa Farbstein, a spokesperson for TSA, emphasized the importance of avoiding this costly mistake. She urged individuals to be vigilant and not fall into the trap.

Rep. Dan Frankel, a Democrat from Squirrel Hill, is currently working on a bill aimed at tightening regulations on firearms at airport security checkpoints.

In the coming weeks, we will introduce a new piece of legislation that grants the authority to TSA to revoke the permit to carry licenses of individuals caught in violation.


In the previous year, security checkpoints across the nation successfully intercepted over 6,500 firearms. The agency is projected to exceed this record-breaking figure in the current year.

Pittsburgh is experiencing a troubling trend, as authorities have seized 44 firearms. This number is significantly higher than last year’s figure of 18, and it surpasses the previous record of 35 firearms confiscated in 2019.

Rep. Frankel is currently sending a co-sponsorship memo to his colleagues.

Frankel has announced her intentions to introduce the TSA Firearm Compliance Act in the coming year.

He believes that this legislation is common sense and expects it to receive bipartisan support.

“This violation of shoplifting seems to be at a much more critical level if we are revoking someone’s license to carry.”

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