Pet owners in Arizona can explore affordable operations at an Arizona vet clinic

Caring for your pet can be quite expensive in today’s world, especially when it comes to veterinary care. According to Douglas Patriquin, the CEO of Dr. Kelly’s Surgical Unit, the cost of owning a pet is constantly on the rise and shows no signs of getting any cheaper.

Breeanna Sanchez knows the narrative all too well as a dog owner. Her dog was diagnosed with pyometra, a severe infection that affects unspayed dogs. The necessary surgery to treat this life-threatening infection comes with a hefty price tag. Sanchez shared, “They were ready to schedule her for surgery immediately, but the cost was almost $6,000.” Fortunately, Sanchez discovered Dr. Kelly’s, where she was able to save thousands of dollars.

Founded by Patriquin and his wife, Dr. Kelly’s focuses on providing affordable options for pet owners through their specialization in surgeries. This approach ensures that pet owners only pay for the necessary procedures, avoiding unnecessary expenses. The clinic offers a wide range of services, including spay and neuter, dental cleaning and extractions, and mass removals. Clients can easily schedule an appointment online, and their pets can be in and out of the clinic within a few hours. According to Patriquin, each doctor performs an average of 15 to 18 surgeries per day.

Patriquin and his wife have successfully established five locations in Arizona, including their latest addition in Mesa. Their primary objective is to offer pet owners additional resources and ensure that their beloved pets receive the necessary care. Sanchez, one of their satisfied customers, expressed his relief, stating, “It’s a great relief knowing that your dogs will receive the treatment they need.”

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