Texas Governor Greg Abbott is furious that President Biden is suing him over border laws: “I Like My Chances”

Abbott warns Biden to expect a fight

On January 3, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican known for his outspoken nature, expressed his outrage on Twitter. He voiced his dissatisfaction with the federal government, led by Democratic President Joe Biden, for filing a lawsuit against him regarding his actions in handling the southern border crisis.

Migrant crisis pushes cities to breaking point

Texas Governor Abbott took to Twitter to share an image of the court filing, expressing his frustration with the Biden Administration’s decision to challenge the legality of his actions instead of addressing the actual issue at hand.

He expressed it in this way:


“Biden sued me today because I signed a law making it illegal for an illegal immigrant to enter or attempt to enter Texas directly from a foreign nation. I like my chances.”

Abbott may be outraged by what he perceives as the Biden administration’s ongoing failure to address the issue effectively. However, his confidence in the matter is likely to have been bolstered by the suggestion from Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson that Abbott has the legal authority to direct responses to the border crisis.

Speaker Johnson blames Biden for immigration crisis at border

Abbott took the lead in introducing legal reforms that aimed to empower border patrols and law enforcement officers to take more direct action. The Department of Justice had previously warned that implementing these changes could face legal challenges. However, it appears that President Biden has now authorized this legal action, and Abbott is prepared to confront any opposition.

Abbott criticized by Dems for his handling

Governor Abbott has often faced criticism from Democrats regarding his approach to addressing the border crisis. While they may accuse him of inhumane actions, the reality is that Texas is the state most affected by this issue. It is important to note, however, that some outspoken figures within the Republican party may be exaggerating its impact.

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Throughout 2023, Abbott openly shared information about the total number of illegal immigrants who were transported to sanctuary states as part of the state’s Operation Lone Star. This operation involved relocating thousands of migrants who had crossed the southern border to Democrat-led sanctuary states like New York, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles. However, the leaders of these states did not welcome these actions.

JUST IN: Reporters Grill Eric Adams Following Executive Order To Block Migrant Buses From NYC

In September, New York City Mayor Eric Adams voiced his concern about the increasing number of migrants in the city. He expressed the opinion that the city was facing challenges due to the influx of people and warned that if the trend continued, it could potentially have a detrimental impact on the city’s well-being.

It's "Despicable": LA Mayor Karen Bass on Texas Gov. Abbott sending migrant bus during Hilary storm

In August, when Los Angeles was under the threat of Storm Hilary, the Mayor of Los Angeles criticized Abbott for his choice to transport a group of migrants to the city, labeling the decision as “evil.”

VP Harris thinks it’s going ‘rather well’

In 2023, VP Kamala Harris made a statement that was particularly offensive to Abbott. While a bus was arriving near her house as part of Operation Lone Star, Harris was on stage at an event in Georgia, boldly declaring that the Biden Administration was doing “rather well” in managing the border crisis.

Migrants bussed to Kamala Harris' residence from Texas as border crisis intensifies

The Biden administration’s legal challenge against Texas is still uncertain in terms of its effectiveness and impact.

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