Police: Ex-con Accused Of Murdering Friend Over Fentanyl Pills In PWC Arrested In Maryland

Aiexpress – Karen Nicole Pollard, a 37-year-old woman, was apprehended by Virginia State Police investigators after an incident that concluded in Prince George’s County overnight, as per the announcement made by authorities on Wednesday.

In late December 2023, Pollard was wanted for her alleged involvement in the fatal shooting of 51-year-old Patricia Kathlean Beglin.

First responders declared her deceased at the scene.

Investigators have identified Pollard as a suspect in the incident, according to the police. The altercation was reportedly sparked by a previous disagreement over fentanyl pills.

On Wednesday, the Prince William County Police Department made an announcement that Pollard had been apprehended by state police after the incident. She was then taken to a hospital in Maryland to receive medical treatment for her minor injuries resulting from her arrest.


Pollard, who does not have a fixed address, was taken into custody and accused of the following charges:

    • Murder;
    • Use of a firearm in the commission of a felony;
    • Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

The authorities are currently holding her in Maryland as they await her extradition back to Prince William County.

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