Poll Workers in Georgia Seek to Prevent Giuliani from Defaming Them

Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye Moss, who were accused by Rudy Giuliani of ballot fraud in 2020, have recently filed a lawsuit on December 18. They are urging the court to prevent the former Trump lawyer from repeating the debunked claims that have greatly disrupted their lives.

According to The Associated Press, Giuliani’s post-trial interviews, where he continued to promote conspiracy theories about the women, have been mentioned in the filing. This occurred after Giuliani was hit with a $148 million defamation ruling in another lawsuit brought by the two women. Now, Giuliani is facing new legal action aimed at silencing his ongoing false attacks against two Georgia election workers. However, a political adviser for Giuliani chose not to comment on the new litigation.

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Giuliani stands firm in his belief that he did not commit any wrongdoing and has expressed his intention to appeal the court’s decision. He openly admitted during the proceedings that his public allegations against the women were false. However, there are doubts surrounding his ability to actually pay such a substantial amount, considering his own financial instability.

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, is currently under a criminal investigation in Georgia. This investigation is connected to his involvement in former President Trump’s efforts to overturn the state’s 2020 election results. Despite the charges brought against him, Giuliani maintains his innocence. However, this case further adds to his growing legal troubles stemming from his work for the ex-president.


Giuliani’s relentless attacks on Moss and Freeman have prompted the women to take legal action in an effort to put an end to his spreading of defamatory claims that were found to be highly damaging by a jury. The attorneys representing Moss and Freeman firmly asserted that this harmful behavior must come to a halt.

According to the news outlet, the comments indicate that he plans to continue with his campaign of targeted defamation and harassment. Their lawyers argue that his continuous spreading of false information demonstrates the necessity of judicial intervention to prevent any further harm.

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