Propane Delivery Driver Ensures People Stay Warm During Harsh Cold with Reliable Service

A propane delivery driver is working diligently to ensure that people stay warm during the persistently freezing temperatures that are expected to last throughout the week.

Sam Ashworth is constantly on the move, braving the harsh cold to ensure that people’s propane tanks are filled.

“It’s exhilarating. It feels like a game, you know? You have to prepare yourself, gear up for the fight, and give it your all,” Ashworth expressed, emphasizing the adrenaline rush that comes with being in the thick of the action.

According to Ashworth, individuals rely on propane to warm their water heaters, furnaces, and other similar appliances. He mentioned that ever since temperatures dropped significantly on Monday, he has been quite occupied.

Ashworth said that when they first arrived over the weekend, there were approximately 20 calls for each route, and with seven routes in total.


The demand for propane gas is currently high, as evidenced by the ongoing influx of calls.

Propane prices in Ohio have been steadily increasing since the beginning of December, with the most recent data showing prices reaching $2.57 per gallon.

According to Ashworth, they match the tank size to the fuel consumption in the household.

Calling as soon as possible to get your tanks filled is the best approach for people on Ashworth’s route, especially during cold weather. Most individuals on this route have already established a routine for fill-ups.

Ashworth mentioned that typically, it is preferred for customers to call in when their tank is around 25 or 30% full. However, there are instances where customers let their tanks run out completely, resulting in the need to restore both the furnace and water heater.

According to Ashworth, Propane is a clean energy source compared to other fuels like gas or diesel. When people run their heat using Propane, it doesn’t leave any residue in their homes. In contrast, fuels like gas and diesel emit higher levels of carbon dioxide, methane, and other gases. Therefore, Propane is considered one of the cleanest energy options available.

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