Proud Boy Receives 6 Year Prison Sentence For Jan 6, After Telling Judge He’d ‘do It All Over Again’

Aiexpress – A Proud Boy involved in the January 6 storming of the US Capitol has been sentenced to six years in prison. During the court hearing, he boldly expressed his willingness to repeat his actions if given the chance.

During his sentencing hearing on Wednesday, Marc Anthony Bru, 44, showed “no remorse,” as stated by the Department of Justice.

“I would do it all over again, even if you gave me 100 years,” the man from Vancouver, Washington passionately expressed to Chief Judge James Boasberg during the trial.

The judge, according to reports, expressed his view that this behavior demonstrated a complete lack of remorse.

In October, Bru was convicted of several charges, which included two felonies for obstructing an official proceeding and civil disorder.


Once inside the Capitol building, Bru proceeded to the Senate Gallery, where he confidently snapped selfies while flashing a hand sign associated with the Proud Boys.

According to prosecutors, Bru has become increasingly defiant and radicalized since then.

According to the prosecutors, the text messages reveal that Bru’s main conclusion from the events of January 6 is that it wasn’t violent or dedicated enough to overthrow the government. In other words, instead of feeling remorseful, Bru was actually planning an armed insurrection in the aftermath of January 6.

On March 30, 2021, he was taken into custody. He faced two additional arrests for suspected drunk driving while on pretrial release. Interestingly, he failed to attend court hearings for both of these incidents.

Furthermore, he did not attend his scheduled court appearance for the federal case in June. Instead, he boldly took to Twitter and boasted that the government would have to come and get him if they wanted him.

“They wrote that approximately a month later, it happened.”

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