Republican Candidate Endorses Baseless Conspiracy Theory Linking Kennedy and Lincoln Assassinations to Shadowy Group’s Centuries-Old Plot

According to a report from Jewish Insider, it was revealed that…

Marchant went on to say that this group “infiltrated everything, including the central bankers and all of that. And they have controlled everything. And they bailed us out after the Civil War. They turned us into a corporation.”He claimed that Presidents Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon were targeted for assassination or other retribution for their opposition to this plan.In other interviews and public appearances, Marchant has repeatedly utilized similar rhetoric.Sen. Jacky Rosen (D-NV), the Jewish former synagogue president who currently holds the seat, votes for “the globalist corporations and the cabal, basically” and “gets told what to do,” voting for “bills that keep them in power” in order to “suppress” the U.S. economy, technology and healthcare, Marchant said in an appearance on Arielle and Rosemary Reality Talk in January.

Marchant, who failed in his attempt to secure the position of Nevada’s secretary of state in 2022, finds himself as a dark horse candidate in the upcoming 2024 Senate race. Notably, he aligns himself with the controversial belief that the 2020 presidential election was unlawfully taken away from former President Donald Trump. In fact, he played an active role in organizing a faction of unacknowledged alternate electors from Nevada in support of Trump.

A grand jury indicted those electors in December.

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