Republican Laura Loomer Slams Lauren Boebert: “She’s a Fraud… She Deserves To Lose in 2024”

Another Republican attacked by Loomer

Laura Loomer, a Florida Journalist and outspoken MAGA-Republican superfan of one-term former President Donald Trump, took to Twitter on December 31, 2023, as the year 2023 came to an end. Loomer targeted Colorado Republican Lauren Boebert for mocking on this occasion.

Lauren Boebert to switch districts in congressional bid

Boebert’s intentions to change districts in her home state of Colorado have recently come to light, sparking discussions about the potential benefits of consolidating support in a new constituency.

It appears that Boebert is making a transparent effort to make her life a bit easier, especially after barely winning another term in office by a mere 546 votes over her Democratic rival Adam Frisch. However, it seems that she has not done much to solidify her position as a Colorado Republican since then.

Boebert caught 'explicitly groping' on tape at family-friendly play, apologizes


During a recent outing at a Colorado theater, Boebert’s actions were caught on camera, sparking controversy. Loomer quickly voiced her concerns and cast doubt on Boebert’s chances of success in the upcoming 2024 election.

According to the Florida journalist who is known for being outspoken, he stated:

“She’s a fraud. Lauren Boebert claimed she would be MAGA… She deserves to lose her election in 2024. She shouldn’t be allowed to switch districts because she’s scandal plagued.”

Loomer, who is not officially part of the Trump campaign organization, has taken it upon herself to engage in conflicts with several GOP members whom she believes do not show enough credibility or deference to Trump. This includes individuals such as Florida’s Ron DeSantis, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, and Chris Christie, to name a few. Recently, she referred to the newly-appointed Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, as a “RINO Conman.”

Loomer’s fights with other Republicans

Loomer’s constant attacks on fellow Republicans may leave some wondering about her motivation. Without a doubt, she is a staunch supporter of Trump, who has lost the presidential race three times. In a bid to showcase her unwavering admiration for Trump, Loomer seems to be engaged in a fierce rivalry with Marjorie Taylor-Greene from Georgia.

Marjorie Taylor Greene ATTACKS Trump’s LATEST Friend

Loomer’s approach may seem counterproductive as she tries to discredit fellow party members within the GOP. Despite this, her focus remains on promoting the one-term former president while simultaneously attacking and attempting to discredit others in the party.

Boebert’s announcement isn’t well-received

The announcement made by Lauren Boebert hasn’t received the positive response she anticipated, especially after the attack by Laura Loomer. Following the announcement, prominent figures within the Republican party expressed their disapproval of the news, which doesn’t bode well for the Colorado Republican.

GOP Leader TURNS on Lauren Boebert LIVE on air after her TRAINWRECK decision

Critics point to the case of Madison Cawthorn, a disgraced Republican who tried the same tactic to win re-election after losing popularity in his district. However, Cawthorn’s attempt failed, suggesting that Lauren Boebert may also meet a similar fate.

Only time will reveal whether or not Florida’s Laura Loomer’s prediction will come true.

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