Rhode Island man accused of killing woman in Vermont apprehended by authorities

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A Rhode Island man, who is suspected of murdering a news anchor’s mother in Vermont, was apprehended in Connecticut, authorities revealed on Wednesday.

Shawn Conlon, 44, was apprehended by the Vermont State Police at the Gold Star Inn & Suites in Groton, Connecticut on Wednesday morning.

A Rhode Island man, who is accused of killing a news anchor’s mother in Vermont, has been arrested in Connecticut, authorities announced on Wednesday.


According to police, Conlon has been accused of killing Claudia Voight, 73, at her home in Vermont on Feb. 20.

Vermont State Police have recently obtained an arrest warrant for a second-degree murder charge. Initially, Conlon was thought to be in Rhode Island, but officials were able to track him down in Connecticut.

According to Vermont State Police, Colon was charged in Connecticut as a fugitive from justice and was unable to post the $1 million bail, resulting in his detention.

Colon voluntarily agreed to be extradited and will be transferred to Vermont to face the murder charge, according to the police.

According to Westerly Police Chief Paul Gingerella, the individual in question has a long-standing connection with the department. This connection dates back to his youth in 1997 and includes a range of incidents, from minor motor vehicle infractions to more serious offenses such as theft of motor vehicles. Additionally, he has been arrested in the past on charges related to being a fugitive from justice.

Molly Levine from NBC 10 has contributed to this report.

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