Several people were arrested after pro-Palestinian protesters gathered in Midtown on Christmas Day

According to police, hundreds of pro-Palestinian protestors flooded Midtown on Christmas Day, resulting in the arrest of several individuals.

The authorities have not yet released the exact number of arrests.

The protest caused minor injuries to one officer, as per the police.

The News Corporation Building on 6th Avenue was the starting point of the demonstration, which commenced around 2 p.m.

Christmas services in Bethlehem have been suspended due to the war, prompting organizers to issue a call for action online.


Protestors were captured on video, shared on Citizen App, as they marched along 5th Avenue. The footage showed them proudly waving flags and holding up signs to express their message.

In the midst of ongoing conflict in Gaza, the intensity of the fighting remains unabated. A devastating blow was dealt by Israel on Monday, as an entire neighborhood in Central Gaza was leveled. According to Hamas, the attack resulted in the tragic loss of over 100 lives.

Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem, the Holy Land, were overshadowed by sorrow this year as festivities were canceled. The attack, which occurred about 40 miles away, cast a somber atmosphere over the region.

Manger Square, the biblical birthplace of Jesus, was devoid of any activity on Christmas Day.

The Pope expressed his strong disapproval of what he referred to as an appalling harvest of innocent civilian lives

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