She Shares Her Story and Offers Safety Tips After Enduring Prison Attack

Dr. Leslie Dobson’s Story Unveils Insights and Tips for Staying Safe in Challenging Environments

In the county of Orange, California, Dr. Leslie Dobson has become a renowned expert in understanding the minds of psychopaths, sociopaths, and serial criminals within the state’s correctional facilities. As a seasoned clinical psychologist, she has dedicated herself to comprehending criminal behavior. However, this pursuit has not been without its dangers.

During an assessment at a state-locked psychiatric hospital, Dr. Dobson found herself face-to-face with violence when she was attacked by an inmate. Despite this adversity, she remains undeterred and shares her experiences with courage. Through her firsthand encounters, she offers invaluable tips on how to ensure safety when dealing with individuals who display psychopathic, sociopathic, or serial criminal tendencies.

One of the key aspects emphasized by Dr. Dobson is the recognition of fear radar signs. Being able to identify these signs becomes crucial in navigating such challenging situations. By staying alert and aware, individuals can better protect themselves and others when faced with potentially dangerous encounters.

Dr. Dobson’s story serves as a beacon of safety expertise, shedding light on the importance of understanding and addressing criminal behavior. By sharing her insights and tips, she aims to empower others to stay safe in challenging environments.


Dr. Dobson’s experience of enduring the assaults played a crucial role in bringing about a significant change in her approach towards trauma recovery, especially for law enforcement officers and their families. Having gained a deeper understanding of trauma, she now offers therapeutic support to individuals affected by such incidents. This is beautifully captured in her latest book, titled “Stay Safe Around Criminals, Attacked While Working in Prisons.”

Dr. Dobson is a highly experienced professional in the field of evaluating and treating mental health disorders within the criminal and civil law domains. Throughout her impressive career spanning over two decades, she has become a recognized authority in providing evidence-based clinical interventions for trauma. Her expertise extends from assisting individuals with minor life adjustments to those grappling with persistent mental health challenges. A testament to her unwavering dedication to public safety is her recently published book, “Stay Safe Around Criminals, Attacked While Working in Prisons.”

Dr. Dobson not only excels in her clinical work, but she has also written a book called “The Friend Cleanse.” This empowering guide helps individuals establish healthy boundaries with toxic people and preserve their energy. Drawing from her personal encounters with psychopaths, she highlights the essential role of boundaries in maintaining personal well-being. This emphasis on the importance of boundaries is a central theme in her latest publication.

Dr. Dobson collaborates with Premier 1st Responders in Orange County to contribute to trauma therapy for first responders, extending her impact and dedication to fostering resilience and well-being in challenging circumstances. For those seeking more information, her website is a valuable resource. “Stay Safe Around Criminals, Attacked While Working in Prisons” encapsulates her extensive knowledge and serves as a guide to enhancing personal safety. Dr. Dobson offers practical measures such as reducing opportunities that make one a target, increasing awareness in familiar places, trusting instincts even in moments of embarrassment, and maintaining a daily schedule with safety in mind. The overarching message emphasizes the importance of being aware of one’s surroundings at all times and trusting one’s instincts.

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