South Carolina To Permit Open Carry Without Training Or Registration

Starting July 1st, 2021, a recently passed legislation in South Carolina promises to simplify the process of legally carrying a firearm within the state. This new law aims to provide greater convenience and accessibility for individuals seeking to exercise their right to bear arms in the Palmetto State.

South Carolina has recently joined the ranks of 29 states that have implemented the Constitutional Carry Law. Under this law, individuals who are 18 years old and above are now permitted to carry firearms without the need for training or registration in their name.

Curtis H. expressed his belief that making it mandatory for individuals to carry weapons at the age of 18 is a mistake. He suggests that if such a requirement is to be implemented, it should also be mandatory for individuals to receive education on how to handle and use firearms. According to Curtis, if someone wants to carry a weapon, they should first be properly educated on the matter.

On March 7th, Governor Henry McMaster immediately put the law into effect upon signing it.

Gr8 Dealz Gun Pawn Owner Jaime Mckie emphasizes his unwavering support for the Second Amendment. He believes that exercising this constitutional right comes with a significant responsibility. Mckie’s strong conviction is evident in his partnership with his father, as he would not be involved in this business if he did not share this perspective.


Gun shop owners like Jaime McKie emphasize the significance of education in effectively implementing this new law.

“I believe that just like driving a car, carrying a firearm requires education, regardless of age. Whether you’re 18 or 80, it is important to be knowledgeable and trained.”

Gun owners are required to follow rules even though they don’t need a license or training to carry a weapon.

Weapons are still not allowed in schools, churches, government buildings, and law enforcement facilities.

During our conversations with gun owners, it became evident that there is a desire among some individuals for mandatory training to accompany existing gun laws.

“It is crucial that education be made a legal requirement for anyone carrying a weapon. Having knowledge and understanding of weapon safety is essential. Without it, it’s akin to placing a loaded gun in the hands of someone who is irresponsible,” emphasized Curtis H.

The new law also offers additional gun training options across the state, which are free of charge, although they are not mandatory.

Mckie, a former school teacher with 20 years of experience, expressed his concern about the offer of free gun safety classes. He emphasized the importance of having requirements in place, as they serve as an incentive for individuals to take gun safety seriously.

The penalties for individuals who bring guns into prohibited locations are heightened under the new law.

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