Speaker Johnson Expresses Confidence In Reaching A Deal To Prevent Government Shutdown

Aiexpress – House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) expressed his optimism following a productive meeting held at the White House between President Joe Biden and congressional leaders.

As the House and Senate face a deadlock on important matters like border reform and funding for Ukraine in their ongoing battle against a Russian invasion, the meeting took place.

Johnson emphasized to reporters outside the White House that his main focus during the meeting was to highlight the importance of prioritizing America’s needs above all else.

In the midst of a surge in border crossings, the Republican leader expressed grave concerns about the situation at the southern border, describing it as a “catastrophe.” However, there is a divide among Republicans regarding a bipartisan border bill. Senator Johnson, among others, opposes the legislation, arguing that the president already possesses the necessary authority, including the emergency power to close the border, which the bill seeks to address.

Johnson and Republican lawmakers have been resistant to providing funding for Ukraine, as they prioritize addressing issues at the border.


Johnson stated that he firmly believes that the president has the power to take immediate action and make necessary changes. He reiterated this point during a recent conversation with the president.

The congressman expressed optimism in avoiding an imminent government shutdown.

“We have been tirelessly working every single day, putting in countless hours, for months and weeks, and especially in the last few days, to get this job done. Our optimism is high,” Johnson exclaimed. “I hope the other leaders have conveyed the same sentiment. We firmly believe that we can reach agreements on these matters and avoid a government shutdown, as that is our utmost priority.”

Johnson is actively exploring different options regarding the supplemental package proposed by Biden, which aims to allocate funds for Ukraine and border security.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) described the White House meeting as one of the most intense encounters he has ever had. He personally cautioned Johnson, reminding him that history will hold him accountable for his actions concerning Ukraine.

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