Special Election For George Santos Congressional Seat Shows Close Contest In Poll

Aiexpress –  According to a recent poll conducted by Emerson College/PIX11, Democrat Tom Suozzi is currently leading Republican Mazi Pilip in the 3rd District by a narrow margin of 45 percent to 42 percent.

According to the poll, it was found that 5% of voters prefer another candidate for the position, while 9% have yet to make a decision.

The 3rd District seat, which encompasses areas of Nassau County and Queens, has remained unoccupied since Santos was removed from office in a landmark decision in December 2023 due to increasing federal criminal charges.

The House of Representatives no longer represents the district’s nearly 771,000 constituents, leaving them without a voice since then.

Suozzi had previously occupied the seat but resigned in 2022 to pursue a campaign for New York governor, which unfortunately didn’t end in success.


According to the poll, the majority of voters who are highly likely to vote in the special election prefer him over Pilip by a margin of 51 to 37 percent. Additionally, he holds a lead over Pilip among college-educated voters, with a margin of 48 to 44 percent.

According to the poll, Pilip, a member of the Nassau County Legislature, holds a lead of 53 to 30 percent among voters with a high school education or lower.

According to the poll, she is also ahead among the district’s white voters, leading with 49 percent compared to Suozzi’s 40 percent. Among Hispanics, she maintains a lead of 44 percent to Suozzi’s 33 percent. However, Suozzi leads among Asian voters with 60 percent compared to her 25 percent.

According to the research findings, respondents were also questioned about their opinion on the United States providing aid to Israel. It was revealed that supporters of Suozzi are in favor of this move, with a margin of 42 percent in support compared to 37 percent against. On the other hand, Pilip voters overwhelmingly support aid to Israel, with a significant majority of 81 percent in favor and only 8 percent against.

According to the data, the supporters of Suozzi were in favor of providing aid to Ukraine by a ratio of 73 to 15 percent. On the other hand, the voters who backed Pilip opposed the idea, with 45 percent against and 27 percent in favor.

According to the poll, a majority of voters, 60 percent, are in favor of the US providing aid to Israel. In contrast, only 24 percent are opposed to it. The numbers are slightly different when it comes to aid for Ukraine, with 51 percent supporting it and 30 percent against it.

According to a recent survey, immigration tops the list of key concerns for voters heading into the election, with 26 percent of respondents ranking it as the most important issue. The economy follows closely behind at 22 percent, while crime and housing affordability rank at 15 percent and 12 percent respectively. “Threats to democracy” are a concern for 9 percent of voters, while education, healthcare, and abortion access each garnered 5 percent, 4 percent, and 4 percent of the respondents’ attention, respectively.

Pilip received strong support from voters who prioritized immigration, with 68 percent favoring him over Suozzi, who garnered only 17 percent. On the other hand, when it came to the economy, Suozzi had a slight advantage, with 50 percent of voters supporting him compared to Pilip’s 42 percent.

The Emerson College/PIX11 poll surveyed 975 registered voters between Saturday, Jan. 13 and Monday, Jan. 15.

The date for the special election has been set for Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2024.

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