Teacher in Arizona accused of engaging in inappropriate relationship with a minor

A teacher from North Phoenix who was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with one of his students has been arrested.

Police reported that the administrators at Arizona Conservatory for the Arts and Academics Secondary School were made aware of a potential case of inappropriate conduct between a teacher and a student on January 2nd. This ultimately resulted in the arrest of the suspect.

“The Phoenix Police Department is urging parents to have open discussions with their children about what constitutes a healthy and inappropriate relationship with an adult,” stated the police department. “Furthermore, we strongly encourage all students and faculty members who play a role in the education of children to report any concerning behavior they witness or hear about.”

Let me provide you with the details of the case.

Who’s the suspect?

According to court documents, the suspect in question has been identified as Ernesto Moncada-Cota, aged 50.


He taught Spanish at the school after moving to the Phoenix area in the early 2000s, as stated on his page on the Arizona Conservatory for Arts and Academics Secondary Campus.

The court documents for Moncada-Cota indicated a previous arrest record. However, the details in that section were redacted and therefore not visible.

What allegedly happened?

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Arizona teacher accused of sexual misconduct

According to police, a parent at Arizona Conservatory for Arts and Academics Secondary Campus reported an alleged crime committed by a teacher at the school. Lindsey Ragas from FOX 10 provides more details on this incident.

The court documents presented a detailed description of the allegations made against Moncada-Cota.

Phoenix Police investigators were alerted to a case of “sexual conduct with a minor” on January 2. The report came to their attention through an email from a concerned parent. The parent had learned about the incident after their child confided in someone else about what had occurred.

According to court documents, authorities carried out a search warrant at the suspect’s apartment on January 2nd. During the search, additional letters exchanged between the alleged victim and the suspect were discovered.

What is the suspect accused of?

The suspect has been charged with the following offenses:

Moncada-Cota has been issued a $100,000 bond by the judge, which must be paid in cash. If he is able to make the bond, he will be subjected to house arrest. In addition, he will face several restrictions, including a ban on any contact with minors and a prohibition on accessing the internet, except for work-related purposes.

What did school officials say about the matter?

All inquiries regarding the matter have been redirected to the Phoenix Police by school authorities.

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