Tennessee’s Newest Tourist Attraction: Experience Camping at Walmart for Only $20 per Night

In a bold and attention-grabbing move, Walmart stores in Tennessee have introduced a unique initiative called “Aisle Adventures”. For a nominal fee of $20 per night, customers now have the opportunity to set up tents and camp inside the store. This innovative strategy by Walmart aims to cater to budget-conscious campers and adventurous shoppers, attracting a new and diverse demographic.

The upcoming program, scheduled to be launched next month, has generated a blend of anticipation and confusion. A local shopper compared it to a fusion of Black Friday and a camping adventure, expressing their intention to secure early deals by setting up camp near the electronics section. Walmart officials have explained that each designated “campsite” will be assigned a 6×6 foot area between aisles, with the pet food section being highly sought after due to its serene atmosphere.

Campers will also have round-the-clock access to store facilities. However, instead of late-night campfire sing-alongs, they can enjoy silent disco headsets, which can be rented at the customer service desk. Walmart has also confirmed that marshmallow roasting will be allowed, but only in the designated microwaves.

Local hotels have expressed concerns about Walmart’s new venture, with one manager stating, “Competing with Airbnb is already challenging, and now we have to worry about Walmart becoming a budget Yellowstone?”

Walmart is determined to move forward with its plans, despite the varied responses it has received. In fact, they have hinted at introducing more offerings, including guided tours of the clearance section and early morning yoga sessions in the garden center. According to a Walmart spokesperson, their goal is to provide an affordable and one-of-a-kind experience. They asked, “Where else can you wake up to the aroma of fresh donuts and the hum of price scanners?”


Walmart guarantees the safety and security of campers with a dedicated team of night shift employees. These employees are trained in both retail operations and bear safety. However, it is important to note that the bear safety training is more for the mountain-themed decor rather than actual wildlife concerns.

Camping in Tennessee just became a lot more exciting with the introduction of “Aisle Adventures.” Only time will tell if this new experience will be a success or a failure.

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