Texas Hit By Heavy Rains, Leading To School Closures And Ongoing Downpours In Other Parts Of The Us

Aiexpress – Heavy rains in Texas on Wednesday forced the closure of schools and raised concerns about flooding in the Houston area. These downpours have been persistent throughout the week, making it a hazardous and waterlogged period for many parts of the country.

A wave of cold and rainy winter conditions has caused vehicles to be swept away in San Diego, prompted high-water rescues in San Antonio, and covered Midwest roads with ice. The rain is predicted to persist along the Gulf Coast throughout Thursday and Friday.

The heavy morning rain in Texas caused the cancellation of classes in rural counties near Austin. Within a span of 48 hours, certain areas received over 8 inches (20 centimeters) of rainfall. As a result, all local government offices in Fayette County were closed, and there was a looming threat of the Colorado River reaching minor flood stage.

Morning commutes in Houston were severely affected due to flood warnings in the area.

According to David Roth, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, the Gulf Coast is currently experiencing a prolonged period of heavy rainfall.


California Gov. Gavin Newsom recently took action by declaring a state of emergency for Ventura and San Diego counties. The heavy rains and high surf in San Diego resulted in flooding, which caused significant disruptions. Streets and freeways were submerged, traffic came to a standstill, and even buses and trolleys were unable to operate. Many individuals were caught off guard by the unexpected weather conditions.

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