This City Has Been Named As the Most Haunted Place in Maine

For those seeking an eerie experience that sends shivers down the spine, a visit to the Kennebec Arsenal in Augusta, Maine, is a must. This historical landmark boasts a tumultuous and dark past dating back to the early 19th century, transitioning from a military depot to later serving as a mental hospital. The Kennebec Arsenal stands witness to numerous tragedies and horrors, leaving behind a chilling legacy of ghosts and hauntings.

Historical Background of a Military Fortress

Constructed after the War of 1812 to manufacture and store weapons for defense against British Canada, the Kennebec Arsenal played a crucial role in addressing border disputes with neighboring New Brunswick. Manned by soldiers until 1901, it was subsequently handed over to the State of Maine for expansion as part of the adjacent Maine State Hospital.¹ The arsenal comprises eight granite buildings erected between 1829 and 1839, recognized as an exemplary early 19th-century military depot and designated a National Historic Landmark District in 2000.

The arsenal played a significant role in the Northeast Boundary Controversy or the Aroostook War, a peaceful resolution of which was negotiated on the premises by General Winfield Scott in 1838. The 1842 Webster–Ashburton Treaty fixed the border between Maine and New Brunswick.

Transition to a Mental Hospital with a Dark History

Post its closure in 1901, the Kennebec Arsenal was acquired by the Maine State Hospital for expansion. Renamed the Augusta Mental Health Institute, it operated until 2004, after which a developer purchased the site with little regard for preserving or restoring the historic buildings. The arsenal’s history as a mental hospital surpassed its military significance, with tales of thousands of mentally ill individuals enduring horrifying treatment and abuse. Patients faced torture, neglect, starvation, beatings, and even death, with some buried in unmarked graves along the Kennebec River. The hospital’s lack of detailed records makes the exact number of victims unknown.

A Haunting Ground with Paranormal Encounters

Given its tragic and violent history, the Kennebec Arsenal claims the title of Maine’s most haunted place. Witnesses have reported encountering ghosts and spirits and experiencing phenomena such as phantom screams, apparitions, temperature fluctuations, scratches, and mysterious lights. The haunted structures include the Commandant’s House, the Office, the Laboratory, and the Magazines, each with its spectral sightings.


The Kennebec Arsenal conceals numerous secrets and mysteries, along with the restless souls of its past. A destination that attracts both the curious and the cautious, it serves as a reminder of its haunted history and, perhaps, an ominous future.

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