Timeline of Events in Kansas City: Last Moments of 3 Men Discovered Deceased at Classmate’s Residence as Narratives Change

There have been no new updates or breakthroughs in the ongoing investigation into the deaths of three friends from Kansas City. The circumstances surrounding their mysterious deaths in the backyard of a former classmate’s house remain unanswered.

According to a spokesperson for the agency, the Kansas City Police Department is currently not conducting an investigation into the deaths. This is because the police officers did not discover any evidence of foul play at the scene. Additionally, the man residing at the home willingly consented to a search of the property and cooperated fully with the authorities.

Over the past two weeks, Inside Edition Digital has had the opportunity to speak with the police, friends, and family members of the deceased, as well as the lawyers representing the two men who may have been the last to see the deceased. Based on these interviews, we have put together a timeline of events.

    • JANUARY 7, 3:25 P.M. Official start time of the final regular season game ofthe football season forthe Kansas City Chiefs, who are playing the Los Angeles Chargers at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.
    • JANUARY 7, 6:30 P.M. The Chiefs defeat the Chargers by a final score of 13-12. Johnson, Harrington, and McGeeney arrive at the home of Willis at some point after the game, saysWillis’ lawyer John Picerno.
    • JANUARY 7, 7 P.M. Alex Weamer-Leearrives at the home of Jordan Willis, according to his lawyer Andrew Talge.
    • JANUARY 7, 7;30 P.M. McGeeney tells his cousin Alan that he and Johson will take care of his constructionjob on Monday so that Alan can rest after suffering a back injury, according to Alan.
    • JANUARY 8, 12:01 A.M. Weamer-Lee leaves Willis’ home,according to his lawyer, and says goodbye to his host andthe three friends who are all watching “Jeopardy.”
    • JANUARY 8, 12:30 A.M. Willis goes to bed while the three friends are still at his home, according to Picerno.
    • JANUARY 9, 9 A.M. McGeeney’sfiancée, April Mahoney, and Johnson’s mother, Norma Chester, both text Weamer-Lee to ask if he knows the whereabouts of the three friends, according to Talge. Weamer-Lee then texts Willis but does not get a response, says Talge.
    • JANUARY 9, 7:00 P.M. Dakota La Tier, a close friend of the men, bangs on the door at Willis’ home for 20 minutes but gets no response, according to his wife, Kaylee.
    • JANUARY 9, 9:00 P.M. Mahoney arrives at Willis’ home and after seeing that the vehicles owned by two of the missing men are parked on the street, knocks on the door, according to two friends of the deceased. No one answers the door and there are no other entrances due to the fence that surrounds the backyard of the property, so Mahoneydecides to breakinto the home through a basement window, according to the friends of the deceased. She calls out for Willis once inside the house to no avail, and once on the first floor sees a body on the back porch, according to the two friends. Mahoney then calls police.
    • JANUARY 9, 9:51 P.M. KCPD officers arrive at the home and confirm that there is a body on the porch, according to a spokesperson. Officers also locate two other bodies in the backyard and speak with Willis, who is in the home and “cooperative with detectives.” Aspokesperson later says: “There were no obvious signs of foul play observed at or near the crime scene.”
    • JANUARY 10: The bodies of the deceased are sent to Frontier Forensics, aprivate company that provides autopsies for a number of counties in Missouri, including Platte County where the three men died. Police say they will not have an update on the case until the autopsy results are in, which cantake up to eight weeks due to the time it takes to complete toxicology reports.
    • JANUARY 12, 3 P.M. Inside Editon Digital asks a KCPD spokesperson if the person renting the home had been present when the bodies were discovered, but gets no response.
    • JANUARY 12, 5 P.M . The names of the three deceased friends are released to the public by a KCPD spokesperson.
    • JANUARY 15, 4 P.M. A KCPD spokesperson confirms to USA Todaythat the person renting the home was present when the bodies were discovered on Jan. 9. When Inside Edition Digital asks about the renter being homeafter that information is confirmed,a KCPD spokesperson says: “That would be part of the ongoing investigation and not available at this time.”
    • JANUARY 20: Picerno sends out his first news release as Willis’ lawyer. In that release, he says that Willis “had absolutely nothing to do with their deaths,” did not know the bodies were in his backyard, did not hear anyone knocking because he wearsair buds and uses a loud fan when he sleeps and also that he did not receive any messages about the missing men. At one point in the release, Picerno says that Willis does not know how or when his three friends“exited” thehouse, but then later says that “the last time he saw them was when they left his house.”
    • JANUARY 21: Willisshuts down all his social media and moves out of the rental home, whichhis lawyer confirms days later.
    • JANUARY 22: Picerno tells Inside Edition Digitalthat Willis went to bed while the three friends were still awake.
    • JANUARY 23: Picerno says that a fifth person, later revealed to be Weamer-Lee,was with the men on Jan. 7 and still at the house when Willis went to bed that night.
    • JANAURY 24 Weamer-Lee comes forward via his lawyer Talge to say he left the home before Willis went to bed and that he texted the renter and knows others reached out to him, too, despite Willis’s claim that he received no messages, says Talge.
    • JANUARY25 Johnson’s family members tell Inside Edition that they believe the men were poisoned on the night of their death.

According to a spokesperson from the Kansas City Police Department, there were no apparent indications of foul play at or in the vicinity of the crime scene. It is important to note that this case is not being treated as a homicide investigation.

The KCPD spokesperson confirmed that there have been no arrests or charges made in relation to the deaths. Furthermore, they emphasized that no individuals have been taken into police custody. The spokesperson also stated that there are currently no suspects or persons of interest identified in the case.


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