The Pavilion Fire Department in Genesee County assists with nighttime delivery of a baby

Members of the Pavilion Fire Department and a family on Sparks Road were brought together by an unexpected surprise early in the morning.

Around 2:30 a.m. on January 21st, Genesee County dispatch received a call about a 23-year-old woman going into labor for the first time. Chief Jason Everett, Firefighter Tom Garlock, Certified First Responder Chris Holley, and Firefighter Don Roblee, along with Mercy Ambulance, promptly responded to the call.

Chief Jason Everett, CFR Chris Holley, and Firefighter Tom Garlock were part of the team that responded to the call. They arrived in Rescue 80, ready to take immediate action.

As we made the turn onto Sparks Road, the dispatcher urgently asked for our location, indicating that the baby was on its way. Upon our arrival, we found the mother in position and fully prepared for delivery,” recalls Garlock. As the firefighters arrived, Grandma Joyel, who had previous experience delivering babies, was receiving instructions from Dispatcher Nate Fix.

Chief Everett took on the role of the doctor, while CFR Holley assumed the role of the nurse.


Chief Everett recalls the situation, stating that he was the primary person in charge while Chris acted as his assistant, providing him with the necessary support. Chief Everett explains that when he arrived at the scene, the fiancé was already attempting to help deliver the baby. However, Chief Everett quickly took over and successfully delivered the baby within just five minutes. He notes that during this time, the fiancé was experiencing intense contractions, and the baby’s head was visible.

Garlock assumed control of the situation.

In the midst of the chaotic scene, I found myself playing the role of the unseen supporter, communicating with dispatch and Mercy Ambulance to track their arrival time. Positioned near the doorway, my ears perked up when I received the news that Mercy Ambulance had arrived at the scene. In a rush of excitement, I prepared to urgently inform them to hasten inside as the moment had arrived. However, as I opened my mouth to speak, a beautiful sound filled the air – the cries of a newborn baby. In that instant, I realized that the miracle of life had unfolded right before my eyes.

Cinderella came into the world at the early hour of 2:55 a.m.

On Friday night, Chief Jason Everett visited the family to check on their well-being and had the opportunity to interact with Cinderella.

Chief Everett expressed his relief upon hearing the cries of the baby, stating that it was the most comforting sound he had heard in years.

Everett, a Medic with 33 years of experience, admits to feeling a slight nervousness in the first 30 seconds. However, he quickly regained his composure by relying on his extensive training and remembering the necessary steps. This particular training is not something they frequently practice, which added to the initial apprehension.

“This was a first-time experience for all of us, except for Don Roblee. He had previous experience delivering a baby and was outside, assisting with the ambulance navigating through the post-snowstorm driveway. It was quite an unexpected turn of events, going from a deep sleep to delivering a baby within just 20 minutes.”

That morning, the Pavilion Fire Department was missing one of their most skilled members, Rescue Squad Lieutenant Amanda Holley. Amanda, who has extensive knowledge about labor and delivery, was fulfilling her duties as an RN in the labor and delivery department at Millard Fillmore Suburban. Despite her absence, Amanda heard the call for her department and was ready to assist as needed.

“Quick labors like that are usually quite smooth, with few complications. I’ve had the experience of delivering two babies in the hospital when the doctor couldn’t make it, and both deliveries went incredibly smoothly and quickly, which was a relief.”

The Lee Family is captured in this heartwarming photo. Uncle Troy is seen holding baby Cinderella, while Dave and Samantha stand alongside. In the background, we have Chief Jason Everett, Firefighter Tom Garlock, and CFR Chris Holley. Completing the picture are Grandpa Chris Lee and Grandma Joyel Lee, who provide a loving presence.

Baby, mom, and dad were all transported together by Mercy Ambulance to Unity Hospital in Rochester. Cinderella, the newborn, weighs 7lbs and measures 19 3/4 inches in length. This experience will undoubtedly be a memorable one for first-time mom Samantha Lee.

At 2:05am, my water broke unexpectedly. I was taken aback by how quickly it happened. People had always told me that labor could last for 24 or even 48 hours, but in my case, it was clear that my baby was on her way without delay. I decided to stay calm and be prepared for her arrival. With each passing moment, I could feel her pushing harder. In that moment, I found myself lying on the floor while my mom, Joyel, dialed 911 for assistance.

Lee believes she was in labor for most of Saturday, but doctors dismissed her experience as false labor pains. Her due date was January 19th.

“I was filled with joy knowing that there were more individuals present to offer their support and guide me throughout the process. I had a sense of security, confident that I was surrounded by capable hands.”

Cinderella and her mother arrived home from the hospital last Tuesday, and I am happy to report that both mom and baby are doing well. It was a joyous reunion for the family as the proud father and fiancé, David Stranc, couldn’t help but be captivated by their beautiful newborn daughter.

“I had initially intended for doctors to deliver my child, and not have a home birth. However, things did not go according to plan. Nevertheless, what truly matters is that she is here now, and that is all that matters to me.”

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