Truck driver describes challenging experience driving on I-70 during blizzard conditions

A thick layer of snow has blanketed the road, rendering parts of I-70 in Trego County almost unrecognizable.

Due to the hazardous blizzard conditions, the Kansas Department of Transportation is shutting down the entire stretch of I-70 from Salina to Colorado, deeming it unsafe for travel. Before the closure earlier today, some individuals braved the conditions and reported terrible road conditions.

Truck driver Joe Mason, who spent the day navigating the roads, describes the situation worsening significantly upon reaching northwest Kansas.

“As the snowfall intensified, my windshield wipers couldn’t keep up,” he shared.

Mason encountered consistently challenging conditions throughout Hays, and the situation only improved as he approached Salina on Monday afternoon. Taking a break at a rest area on I-70 near Salina, he took time to clear off his windows and ensure his truck’s brakes and tires remained in good condition.


Offering a heartfelt plea, he emphasized, “Just everyone, be safe. No matter your destination, it’s not worth risking your life.”

This sentiment is echoed by KDOT, urging people to stay home during these adverse conditions. Currently, I-70 is closed from Salina to the Colorado border, as KDOT emphasizes that no one should be on the roads in such severe weather.

In addition to I-70, all highways in Morton, Stanton, Grant, Stevens, Kearney, Hamilton, Scott, Lane, Ness, and Wichita counties are also closed for safety reasons.

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