Trump Aims To Dominate New Hampshire Gop Primary Against Nikki Haley, His Final Significant Competitor

Aiexpress – Donald Trump is setting his sights on a resounding win in New Hampshire on Tuesday. If successful, this would solidify his dominance in the first two Republican primary races and greatly increase the chances of a November showdown with President Joe Biden.

The main question that arises is whether former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, Trump’s last major rival, will be able to make a dent in his lead or even secure an unexpected victory. Haley has invested considerable time and financial resources in New Hampshire, aiming to appeal to its renowned independent-minded voters.

During his initial presidential campaign in 2016, Trump emerged victorious in the Republican primary in New Hampshire. However, in the subsequent midterm elections, some of his supporters faced defeat in crucial races. Haley is now facing a formidable opponent who shares a strong connection with the GOP base and has strategically focused on securing a decisive victory in the state. Such a win would effectively eliminate any competition in the Republican primary.

Trump’s potential victory in both Iowa and New Hampshire would mark a significant milestone for the Republican party. Since these two states have been leading the election calendar since 1976, no Republican presidential candidate has managed to win open races in both of them. This achievement would underscore Trump’s unwavering support from the party’s most loyal voters.

Trump’s supporters are already exerting pressure on Haley to withdraw from the race, and this pressure will only increase if he wins by a significant margin in New Hampshire. If Haley were to drop out, it would essentially determine the outcome of the GOP primary at an early stage, long before the majority of Republican voters nationwide have had the opportunity to cast their votes.


Haley has joined forces with Chris Sununu, the esteemed Republican governor of New Hampshire, who has been critical of Trump. She is determined to stay in the race for the long haul, as she proclaimed to her supporters at a VFW hall in Franklin on Monday, emphasizing that “America does not engage in coronations.”

Nikki Haley, addressing reporters, emphasized the importance of having a leader who can bring fresh solutions and propel the nation forward. She highlighted the choice between continuing with the same old approach, leading to a chaotic world, or embracing a future marked by stability, cooperation, and positive outcomes for the American people.

She emphasized that the competition is solely between two individuals.

Haley and Trump were both looking to benefit from the recent departures of high-profile candidates from the race. Haley could gain support from former supporters of Chris Christie, who criticized Trump during his campaign but ended his bid just before the Iowa caucus last week. On the other hand, Trump may be able to gather more support from conservative voters who were backing Ron DeSantis, the Florida Governor who withdrew from the White House race on Sunday.

During a pre-primary rally in Laconia, former President Trump, accompanied by his former primary rival, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, expressed his anticipation of becoming the last Republican candidate in the race. In an interview with Newsmax on Monday, when asked about the possibility of Nikki Haley ending her campaign after New Hampshire, Trump stated that he would never request her withdrawal but mused, “Maybe she’ll be dropping out Tuesday.”

Scot Stebbins Sr., sporting a Make America Great Again baseball cap, hailed Trump as “the greatest president we’ve had since Abraham Lincoln.” In Stebbins’ view, Trump’s impact on our nation has been overwhelmingly positive.

According to Stebbins, he believes that the four criminal cases and 91 felony counts faced by Trump are nothing more than a witch hunt. He further asserts that Trump’s intention is to eliminate all the corrupt politicians who have been in power for far too long and are involved in corrupt practices.

“He cannot be bought,” Stebbins asserted. “He embodies the spirit of a true American, and he always has.”

The Democratic primary held on Tuesday was unlike any in recent memory.

In a bid to empower Black voters and ensure a more inclusive primary process, Biden played a pivotal role in advocating for new Democratic National Committee rules. These rules will kickstart the party’s 2024 primary process in South Carolina on Feb. 3, rather than the traditional starting states of Iowa or New Hampshire. Biden firmly believes that Black voters, who played a crucial role in his own primary campaign revival in South Carolina after three initial losses, should have a greater and earlier say in determining the party’s nominee.

Despite the revised order, New Hampshire’s Democrats remained steadfast in their commitment to their state laws, which mandate that they hold the nation’s first primary after Iowa’s caucus. As a result, they proceeded with their primary as originally scheduled.

Biden did not actively campaign in New Hampshire and his name will not appear on the ballot. As a result, Democratic voters in the state have the opportunity to vote for the president’s lesser-known primary challengers, Minnesota Representative Dean Phillips and self-help author Marianne Williamson. However, despite this, many of New Hampshire’s influential Democrats are supporting a write-in campaign for Biden, confident in his ability to secure a victory.

Undeclared voters may also choose to participate in the more competitive Republican primary, even if they would typically support Democrats.

Karen Padgett, an undeclared voter, recently had the opportunity to see Haley on Monday. Padgett mentioned that she had voted for Trump in the previous two elections but had no intention of doing so again. However, she also expressed her annoyance towards Joe Biden for seemingly neglecting New Hampshire.

According to Padgett, Haley’s promises to shake up Washington are nothing new. She believes that the current politicians are deeply entrenched and that new voices are needed in order to bring about real change. Padgett urged for the inclusion of fresh individuals in the political sphere.

Instead of directing his attention towards New Hampshire, Biden decided to accompany Vice President Kamala Harris in northern Virginia to participate in a rally advocating for abortion rights. Democrats view this as a crucial issue that can garner support for their party nationwide in the upcoming November elections.

November is increasingly being seen as the stage for a rematch between Biden and Trump. Critics of both candidates have raised concerns about their age – Biden is 81 and Trump is 77. Each candidate has portrayed the other as unfit for another term in the White House.

According to recent public opinion polls, it appears that a majority of Americans are not in favor of a rematch. A poll conducted by the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research in December revealed that 56% of U.S. adults would be either very or somewhat dissatisfied with Biden as the Democratic nominee, while 58% felt the same way about Trump as the GOP pick.

A number of voters in New Hampshire shared the same sentiment, expressing their frustration.

Jeff Caira, a 66-year-old Republican from Sanbornton, expressed his indecision in the primary. He emphasized the need for a candidate who will focus on addressing the important issues rather than getting caught up in the baggage that the other two candidates carry.

He expressed his disappointment at the fact that, given the size of the United States, the two leading candidates are considered the best options available.

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