TSA seizes fully loaded handgun at Syracuse Hancock International Airport

A fully loaded handgun was intercepted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at Syracuse Hancock International Airport.

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The Syracuse Hancock International Airport recently shared a photo of a 9mm handgun that was intercepted by TSA officers on January 20, 2024.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – In Syracuse, New York, a recent incident has sparked controversy and raised questions about the safety of public transportation.

TSA officers at Syracuse Hancock International Airport intercepted a fully loaded 9mm handgun over the weekend.


On Saturday, TSA officers at the security checkpoint discovered a loaded 9mm handgun in a man’s carry-on bag. The firearm contained a total of 10 rounds of ammunition.

The Syracuse Regional Airport Authority Police were promptly notified by TSA. Following an interview with the man, who resides in Clarence, New York, the authorities ultimately confiscated the firearm, despite the fact that he possessed a valid New York State pistol permit.

Carrying firearms is strictly prohibited at the security checkpoint, and as a result, individuals who violate this rule may face a substantial financial civil penalty imposed by the TSA. The maximum penalty for carrying weapons can amount to $15,000.

Bart R. Johnson, the federal security director for Upstate New York, expressed his concern over the incident where a licensed pistol permit holder was found carrying a loaded weapon at a TSA checkpoint. He found it difficult to comprehend how someone with a permit would be unaware of the whereabouts of their firearm, creating a highly dangerous situation for everyone present. However, Johnson acknowledged the vigilance of the officers who detected the weapon and commended the swift response of law enforcement. Thanks to their efforts, a potentially deadly weapon was successfully prevented from being brought onto an airplane.

Passengers can only travel with firearms in their checked baggage. It is important to ensure that the firearms are unloaded and securely packed in a hard-sided locked case. When arriving at the airport, passengers should take the locked case to the airline check-in counter and declare it.

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