Tuesday’s weather forecast includes a First Warn alert for potential snow showers

Winter made a powerful return on Christmas Day! The evening ahead is expected to be mostly dry, with just a chance of a few flurries later tonight. Temperatures will drop to the upper 20s and lower 30s, accompanied by a noticeable breeze from the west. This will make the wind chills even colder. Tuesday will also offer winter-like weather. The persistent storm system overhead will bring the possibility of a few flurries and rain/snow showers throughout the day, particularly in the afternoon and evening. Furthermore, Wednesday may see a continuation of some snow showers.

Currently, the weather appears to be rather inconsistent and relatively mild. There is a slight chance of experiencing some light snowfall between Tuesday and Wednesday. However, at this point, it is unlikely to accumulate more than a dusting to an inch in certain areas. Additionally, expect the snow to be blown around due to the persistent breezy conditions. As we approach Thursday and Friday, the weather conditions will become drier, although temperatures will remain on the colder side, ranging from the 30s to near 40 degrees. There are no indications of a significant warm-up in the near future. In fact, based on our latest data, it is possible for temperatures to even drop further after the new year.

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