Versailles man receives a pleasant Valentine’s Day surprise with a Kentucky Lottery ticket

A Versailles resident had an extra sweet Valentine’s Day when a Kentucky Lottery Scratch-off ticket he bought ended up winning him a generous $50,000.

During his lunch break on Wednesday, Jimmy Tate made a quick stop at the Kroger in Versailles. As a gesture to celebrate the holiday, he bought some Scratch offs as a gift for his wife. Additionally, he decided to treat himself and purchased a $30 $50,000 Cash ticket.

“I stopped at the machine to buy her a couple of tickets for Valentine’s, and I ended up purchasing that one,” he shared.

Tate, in his conversation with lottery officials, shared his usual practice of scratching off his tickets inside his truck. He follows a specific routine where he first scratches off the numbers and then proceeds to reveal the prize amounts.

“I immediately noticed that the numbers were aligning perfectly, and I couldn’t believe my luck. I knew right then and there that I had a huge winner on my hands, so I hurried home to complete the scratching.”


When Tate arrived home, he excitedly informed his wife that he had already matched six numbers and won $2,000. However, he believed there was a bigger prize waiting for him. As he continued scratching, Tate was thrilled to discover that he had actually won the game’s top prize of $50,000.

Tate exclaimed that his wife shared in his excitement when he won the $50,000 prize. He couldn’t believe his luck, having previously only won smaller amounts like $1,000 and $2,000. The magnitude of the win made him nervous as well.

The Woodford County man collected his $36,000 check later in the day at Kentucky Lottery headquarters. In a conversation with officials, he mentioned that he and his wife intend to use a portion of the winnings to pay off bills and put the rest towards buying a house.

Kroger will receive $500 for selling the winning ticket.

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