Woman Killed in Shooting at Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Parade

According to The Kansas City Star, Lisa Lopez-Galvan, a Chiefs fan from Kansas, has tragically passed away due to a gunshot wound.

According to the news outlet, Lopez-Galvan passed away during abdominal surgery to treat the gunshot wound she sustained while attending the parade in Kansas City on Wednesday.

Lisa was a beloved figure in the KC community. She made a significant impact as a disc jockey and host at a community radio station, and many people entrusted her to DJ their weddings. At the time of her passing, she was in her 40s, leaving behind a loving family that includes her husband and two children.

People who knew her are leaving heartfelt messages on her Facebook page, expressing their condolences and sending prayers to her family.

Lisa, a devoted fan of the Chiefs, was ecstatic following their victory in Super Bowl LVIII. Her anticipation for the celebratory parade on Wednesday was at an all-time high.


Lisa was known by those who knew her as a joyful individual blessed with a loving and delightful family.

Officials have reported a minimum of 22 individuals with gunshot wounds and one confirmed fatality. It remains uncertain whether Lisa is the individual referred to as the fatality by the police, or if she is the second victim to succumb to their injuries.

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