A traffic stop results in the arrest of an Alabama man by Atlanta Police who had 35 pounds of marijuana in his car

An Alabama man was arrested by Atlanta police after they uncovered 35 pounds of marijuana in the trunk of his car during a routine traffic stop. Lawrence Lindsey, 34, was pulled over on January 17th for committing several traffic violations on Peachtree Road NE, near East Shadowlawn Avenue NE, as reported by FOX5 Atlanta.

According to the officers who conducted the stop, they detected a strong smell of marijuana emanating from Lindsey’s vehicle. Despite their observation, Lindsey maintained that he did not engage in smoking marijuana and suggested that the officers might be mistaking the odor for his air freshener. In the WSB-TV report, Lindsey can be heard questioning, “Does my car really smell like weed?” However, the body camera footage revealed that the officers interrogated Lindsey about the smell, asking him, “How much weed is in the car? Either you burned it, or you have raw marijuana.”

Lindsey stood his ground, adamantly denying any possession of marijuana. “I haven’t smoked. There’s none,” the driver asserted confidently. “I do have air freshener in my car, and maybe that’s what you guys smelled. I don’t smoke.” However, the officers remained skeptical, responding, “Trust us, we know what it smells like.” The impasse finally came to an end when the officers conducted a search of the trunk, revealing a duffle bag filled to the brim with the illicit substance.

The police report states that Lindsey was arrested after the discovery of the duffle bag. The charges against him include trafficking illegal drugs, failure to signal, and brake light violation. This incident highlights the issues surrounding the trafficking of controlled substances and the ongoing challenges faced by law enforcement in stopping these operations. The charges against Lindsey underscore the seriousness of his alleged actions and demonstrate the commitment of Atlanta officers to upholding the law and protecting the community.

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