Abducted Michigan boy returned and reunited with mother in Arkansas

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A 5-year-old Pontiac boy was reunited with his mother earlier this month after his father allegedly abducted him and fled the state. According to a report by Fox 2 Detroit, the father, Daniel Ohno, 40, from Houston, was arrested on February 3 in Little Rock, Arkansas, just a day after he took his son from his mother’s custody without permission.

According to police, Ohno and the boy’s mother were engaged in an argument while inside a car at the mother’s residence in Pontiac on February 2nd. It is alleged that during this time, the mother briefly left the vehicle to enter the house, and it was during this moment that Ohno took the opportunity to steal the car, with the child still inside, and drove away.

The police successfully tracked down the stolen vehicle the next day, utilizing the advanced technology installed in the car. With the help of their counterparts in Arkansas, officers in Michigan were able to apprehend Ohno without any further issues and rescue the boy. According to investigators, it is believed that Ohno was attempting to transport the child to Texas.

After finding her son, the mother immediately flew down to Arkansas and was joyfully reunited with him. The police are currently in the process of extraditing Ohno back to Michigan, where he will face charges for his actions.


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