South Carolina primary becomes crucial following Trump’s impressive victory

The upcoming two weeks are crucial for the Republican presidential race as it heads towards the South Carolina primary. This primary is seen as a make-or-break moment for Nikki Haley to impede Donald Trump’s path to securing the nomination.

After a challenging day for President Joe Biden, Trump is heading to Pennsylvania on Friday to address the National Rifle Association. During the event, he plans to emphasize his strong support for gun rights, a key issue for GOP voters. Following this, the former president will travel to South Carolina over the weekend, where he and Haley will hold separate campaign events in the lead up to the state’s Feb. 24 primary.

Trump is optimistic that a resounding victory in the first-in-the-South primary will deal a significant blow to Haley, who has not yet won a Republican contest. Haley, a two-time elected governor of South Carolina, is wagering on the advantage of her home state to propel her to a strong showing that could keep her in the race until Super Tuesday on March 5th. On this day, over a dozen states will hold contests that will award a substantial number of delegates crucial for securing the GOP nomination.

“We’re ahead of everyone,” Trump exclaimed after his triumph in Nevada. “Can we possibly declare the election for next Tuesday? That’s all I desire.”

During an earlier press briefing, Trump expressed his surprise at Haley’s determination to continue with her efforts.


In a statement to reporters, he expressed his confusion about her persistence, stating that he has no understanding of her motivations. He also mentioned that he has little interest in whether or not she continues. In his opinion, her decision to continue is detrimental to both the party and herself.

In Nevada, Trump faced no competition as Haley decided to skip the caucuses on Thursday. Instead, she opted to participate in an earlier primary that did not offer any delegates. However, even without Trump in the running, Haley found herself in a distant second place. GOP voters overwhelmingly chose the “none of these candidates” option, leaving Haley far behind.

In addition to Haley’s humiliating loss in Nevada, Trump had a particularly fortunate week.

During the hearing on Thursday morning, the Supreme Court expressed doubt regarding efforts to remove him from the 2024 ballot based on the Constitution’s Insurrection Clause. Justices from both ends of the ideological spectrum raised concerns about Colorado’s decision to disqualify Trump from its primary ballot due to his refusal to acknowledge the outcome of the 2020 election, which ultimately led to the assault on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Hours later, special counsel Robert Hur released a highly anticipated and scathing report which concluded that criminal charges against President Joe Biden were not justified. However, the report did highlight evidence suggesting that Biden deliberately held onto and disclosed highly classified information during his time as a private citizen. This included sensitive documents relating to military and foreign policy matters in Afghanistan. In a series of references to Biden’s uncertain recollection, the report has sparked fresh worries about the president’s competence and age, a significant concern for voters.

In what marks his eighth address to the NRA, Trump takes the stage amidst a backdrop of financial challenges, declining membership, and internal conflicts.

The former CEO of the group, Wayne LaPierre, stepped down recently in anticipation of a trial in New York. He is facing allegations of using the organization’s funds to indulge in lavish luxuries, including private jet flights, yacht trips, African safaris, and other extravagant perks.

In 2020, the New York attorney general filed a lawsuit against LaPierre and three co-defendants, accusing certain NRA leaders of engaging in extensive misspending and self-enrichment. However, the organization’s attempt to file for bankruptcy and relocate to Texas instead of New York was denied by a judge.

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