After a 23-year hiatus, a dog sled race makes a comeback at Camp Hale

Camp Hale in Colorado recently played host to an exciting weekend of dog sledding and skijoring events, organized by the Rocky Mountain Sled Dog Club. This marked a triumphant return to the event after 23 years. Against the backdrop of crisp air and breathtaking vistas at Camp Hale, both human and canine competitors had the opportunity to showcase their skills on the expansive former U.S. Army training site. The event featured 30 competitors and included 12 diverse events, ranging from sled races of different lengths to challenging skijor races, as reported by VailDaily.

Camp Hale, Colorado, hosts first dog sled race competition in over 2 decades

Members and associates of the Rocky Mountain Sled Dog Club had a blast braving the cold and windy weather at Camp Hale on Feb. 10 and 11. Despite the conditions, they indulged in hours of outdoor fun, taking part in exciting dog sledding and skijoring races. Officials and emcees cheered on as both humans and dogs skillfully maneuvered through the expansive course. The event at Camp Hale was particularly special as it marked the club’s joyous comeback after a 23-year hiatus.

The races showcased different sled sizes, accommodating two, four, and six dogs, with corresponding distances of two, four, and six miles. Moreover, skijor events were held for participants with one or two dogs. In this thrilling competition, racers would attach themselves and their dogs to a specially designed bungee line and navigate the course on Nordic skis. As the day drew to a close, racers had the opportunity to participate in a fun run, offering a chance to engage in various other activities.

Sled dog club encouraging positive dog sports

Club president Lynn Whipple is on a mission to promote and inspire a love for dog sports. According to her, the combination of outdoor enthusiasts, dogs, skis, and mountain bikes in Colorado is a match made in heaven. She believes that there is nothing better than bringing all these elements together.

Positive dog sports include a range of activities that promote bonding between dogs and their owners. These activities include dog sledding, skijoring (cross-country skiing while tethered to a dog), bikejoring (similar but on a bike), and canicross (trail running with a dog). Engaging in these sports not only encourages teamwork among dogs but also provides enjoyable outdoor recreation and exercise opportunities. As Whipple aptly put it, “It’s a win-win for both the dog and the human.”


After a hiatus of 23 years, the beloved Dog Sled Race is making a comeback to Camp Hale.

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