Alabama Escapee David Wood, 61, Has Been Missing Since 2018 After Leaving in His State-Supplied Boxers

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In May 21, 2018, an Alabama inmate named David Wood, 61, made a deliberate choice to escape from a facility for elderly and sick inmates where he was serving a life sentence, according to the Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC). However, as of Feb. 2024, the ADOC has not announced that Wood has been recaptured and taken back into custody.

According to a report by NBC 15 News, Wood managed to escape from a work release site in 2015 but was apprehended a few days later. However, this setback did not deter Wood’s determination to regain his freedom.

In 2018, he left Hamilton Aged and Infirmed in Marion County, wearing nothing but his state-supplied white boxers.

An article from UTV 44 News provided further information about the incident that resulted in Wood being sentenced to life in prison. The article stated:


Penny Enzor was married to Wood in 1994 but the marriage did not last long. On May 20, 1994, Enzor says she awoke to her ex-husband,Wood, breaking into her house at 1am. She says he grabbed her and bashed her head against the wall. He stuck a shotgun to her leg and pulled the trigger. He also bashed her in the top of her head with the shotgun.

Wood was convicted of assault and burglary and subsequently sentenced to life in prison.

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