Alabama’s DMV is denying and prohibiting personalized license plates

As of 2023, Alabama has banned more than 5,000 personalized license plates, also known as vanity plates, as reported by Alabama Media. These unique and customized plates are often spotted on highways throughout the state.

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Here is a list of banned license plates in Alabama:

    • TWAT
    • STR8NM
    • K00NNEE
    • YU8TN
    • JUICYA
    • MORF
    • MZXDAC
    • PHAQ
    • BEE0CH
    • RIMRDR
    • SOHRD
    • 1MHIGH
    • ETOH
    • OSHEET
    • 4K0FF
    • B00TAY
    • CALGRL

In Alabama, residents have the option to get a personalized license plate for a fee of $50. To make the process easier, the DMV has created a webpage where individuals can reserve or search for available personalized tags online. It’s important to note that the reservation is valid for five business days only. Additionally, certain personalized plates are exclusive to members of specific organizations.

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