Alina Habba Ridicules Letitia James’ Appearance

Habba claimed that she had been engaged in a fierce battle with the esteemed Miss Letitia James over the course of the past 11 weeks in the vibrant city of New York. With a hint of sarcasm, she jokingly referred to Miss James as a “real beaut” before bursting into laughter.

Habba delivered a speech during the ReAwaken America Tour on December 15. This tour, which travels across the United States, attracts various speakers, including Lara Trump, the wife of Eric Trump, and Peter Navarro, a former adviser to the Trump administration.

Habba expressed her belief that she was destined to assist President Trump and his family, stating, “I believe God placed me in this position for the purpose of helping President Trump and the Trump family.” On her Instagram page, she proudly displays photos of herself alongside the ex-president.

James filed a $250-million lawsuit against Trump in New York, accusing the former president and the Trump Organization of inflating the worth of several assets, thereby misleading lenders.

Presiding Judge Arthur Engoron has already ruled that Trump and members of his organization engaged in fraudulent activities. However, the former president maintains that James’ charges are driven by political motives.


Habba claimed this month that James was actively attempting to “eliminate” Trump and his business. The lawsuit has the potential to hinder the Republican’s ability to conduct business in New York.

During AmericaFest, Habba expressed his belief that James is actively attempting to eliminate the Trump family, their organization, and the presidency.

She expressed, “So I’m certain that everyone has witnessed over the past 11 delightful weeks, I have faced criticism and engaged in a conflict with Miss Letitia James.”

Habba’s statement lacks any evidence to support it. Email requests for comments have been sent to Habba and James’ offices by Newsweek.

Witness testimony in the case has concluded in New York, and Engoron is now poised to determine the magnitude of the penalty facing Trump. In January, the judge will listen to oral arguments before rendering his ultimate decision.

In a recent development, President Trump criticized Engoron for allegedly ridiculing esteemed witness Eli Bartov. The judge’s comment about Bartov losing credibility as a witness by persistently justifying every misstatement seemed to have irked Trump.

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