Someone using a blowtorch to remove paint caused a massive fire in New York City that displaced hundreds

A construction worker using a block torch to remove paint caused a five-alarm fire in New York City, resulting in injuries to 14 individuals and the temporary displacement of over 400 residents.

According to the New York City Fire Department (FDNY), a huge fire erupted on the top floor of a six-story building in Sunnyside, Queens, around noon on Wednesday.

The FDNY reported that a contractor was utilizing a torch to heat lead paint off a metal closet door frame in the empty apartment. During the process, the worker observed smoke emanating from the door frame.

A worker at 43-09 47th Ave. bravely attempted to put out the flames before the FDNY arrived at the scene. Upon inspection, the worker showed the FDNY captain the charred wooden studs, revealing that the fire had extended into the walls. Recognizing the severity of the situation, the captain swiftly ordered the worker to evacuate. Further investigation unveiled that the fire had also reached the roof.

A total of 130 firefighters were called in to combat the fire, which resulted in one firefighter sustaining an injury.


According to WCBS, an FDNY spokesperson reported that a firefighter was transported to the hospital in a serious but stable condition.

According to the fire department, some residents of the building were transported to the hospital due to minor injuries.

Approximately 450 residents were forced to evacuate, leading to the Red Cross stepping in to provide assistance to those affected by displacement.

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