Authorities Finally Lock Down “Trap House” on Binghamton West Side

Binghamton police and other city workers arrived in full force to secure an apartment building that had been causing persistent issues on the West Side.

Residents of the neighborhood surrounding 34 North Street had been persistently urging the city to address a string of incidents that had been occurring for months.

According to some residents in the vicinity, the apartment building was commonly referred to as a “trap house,” notorious for its association with drug use and various criminal activities.

According to city police, the property owners have been issued lockdown warnings. Property records indicate that the apartment house is owned by members of the Phelps family in the town of Binghamton.

Alexander Conti, a resident living near the property, expressed his disgust at the prolonged duration of the lockdown. He found it alarming that more than 10 squatters were eventually forced out of the building, especially considering that a lockdown notice had already been issued several weeks prior.


A preliminary hearing took place in city court at the end of last month to address the lockdown case. Another hearing has been scheduled for later this month.

Conti is worried that the issues that plagued 34 North Street will now appear in neighboring buildings. According to him, the individuals who were unlawfully residing in the house on North Street have relocated to nearby buildings, taking their belongings with them.

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