Biden special counsel Robert Hur’s resignation from the DOJ makes his testimony “even more problematic”

Special counsel Robert Hur, who conducted an investigation into the classified materials discovered in the home and office of former President Joe Biden, has resigned from the Justice Department. As a private citizen, Hur will now provide testimony to the House Judiciary Committee, as reported by The Independent’s Andrew Feinberg.

Hur, a U.S. attorney appointed by Trump, was chosen by Attorney General Merrick Garland to head the Biden investigation. However, at the request of Republicans, led by Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, he formally resigned the day before his scheduled appearance on Tuesday. While Hur faced backlash from Biden and the Democrats for his report’s criticism of the president’s memory, he chose not to press charges against him.

According to Andrew Weissmann, a former prosecutor for Mueller, the Justice Department does not have the authority to dictate the testimony of a former employee.

A source from the Democratic Judiciary Committee expressed concerns about the situation, stating that it becomes even more problematic from their perspective. They highlighted that if the individual in question was still a federal employee, the Department of Justice would need to approve his testimony and be involved in his appearance tomorrow.

Former U.S. Attorney Harry Litman expressed concerns about the upcoming testimony of Robert Hur, stating, “It’s difficult not to expect some unpleasantness. Hur has already revealed his partisan leanings in certain sections of his report. It seems clear that he and the Republicans intend to tarnish Biden’s image now that he is testifying as a private citizen.”


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