Charges filed against a Maryland woman for allegedly passing controlled substances to a USP Hazelton inmate

Sakile Fiddermon, a woman from Maryland, is currently facing charges after being accused of supplying controlled substances to an inmate at USP Hazelton in West Virginia. According to reports, Fiddermon was caught on video passing a package to the inmate, which was later found to contain Suboxone strips. Furthermore, more packages of this drug, commonly used for treating opioid addiction, were discovered in her vehicle. As a result, Fiddermon is now being held at Tygart Valley Regional Jail on charges of possessing a controlled substance with the intent to distribute.

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The public has responded with a variety of reactions to the news, with many expressing their disapproval of Fiddermon’s actions. Some individuals have criticized her actions as “stupid” and “foolish”, believing that she has needlessly placed herself in a challenging position. These commenters argue that her alleged decision to supply controlled substances to an inmate was misguided and has led to severe consequences.

“Now you’re behind bars for doing something stupid for your man. In my Fred Sanford voice, you big dummy.”

There have been doubts raised about her intentions, with some suggesting that she might have been influenced or led astray by the prisoner. These remarks point out the complexities that come with relationships involving individuals who are behind bars, and the risk of being taken advantage of.

“And he loves you, huh?”

Some readers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the news report, noting the repetitive use of the same picture. This suggests a need for more comprehensive and meticulous reporting.

“The same picture, twice. So lazy.”

The public seems to have a predominantly negative opinion about the news, as they condemn Fiddermon’s actions and question her motives. Additionally, there is criticism regarding the reporting, with readers expressing dissatisfaction due to the redundancy in the news article. It is important to acknowledge that these comments reflect a variety of opinions, and not everyone may hold the same perspective.

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