Thieves Apprehended While Returning To Tysons Corner Center After Committing Crime

According to police in Fairfax County, a group of individuals who were acting suspiciously returned to the scene where they had committed a crime. However, their repeated visits proved to be their downfall.

Over the weekend, employees at Diesel inside Tysons Corner Center in McLean alerted members of the Fairfax County Police Department about a suspicious group. This group had made fraudulent purchases at the store weeks ago.

Detectives well-versed in the case promptly arrived at the store. They successfully apprehended a group of five individuals and managed to recover a USPS mail tote and three USPS post office box keys from inside their vehicle.

During the investigation, authorities were able to uncover additional evidence, which included the retrieval of numerous stolen credit cards. In addition, they also managed to recover a wallet that had been stolen from a shopper in the vicinity.

Police have arrested five individuals in connection with the investigation, including Christopher Cole Jackson, 31, who does not have a fixed address, as well as Maurice Brooks, 24, and Adrian Wakil Ellerbe, both residents of Washington, DC.


Cole-Jackson faced a series of charges, including:

    • Nine counts of credit card theft;
    • Seven counts of credit card fraud;
    • Two counts of identity theft;
    • Conspiring to commit credit card fraud;
    • Eluding;
    • Petit larceny.

Brooks faced charges for conspiring to commit credit card fraud, possessing a fake ID, and petit larceny.

Ellerbe faced charges for engaging in four instances of credit card theft and participating in a conspiracy to commit credit card fraud.

Two more individuals have been set free, awaiting the results of the investigation.

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