Colorado Democrats Seek to Prohibit the Use of Oil & Gas Powered Vehicles

Colorado Democrats have recently put forward a set of four bills aimed at ceasing all gas and oil drilling operations within the state by the year 2035. Additionally, these bills propose to put an end to the sale of new internal combustion engine cars.

Colorado will be mandated to gradually eliminate permits for new oil and gas drilling by the end of the decade under the proposed bill.

Starting in 2030, the proposal is to prohibit the issuance of permits for drilling new sites.

In order to meet the 2030 deadline, state regulators will be limited to issuing a maximum of 660 permits in 2028 and 330 permits in 2029.

“Colorado shouldn’t assume that we should be an exception to international climate agreements,” said Jaquez Lewis. “This legislation makes sure we take strong action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by putting a definite end date on new well permits, and that will help push us in the direction of a more sustainable energy future.”

The conventional automobile also needs to be eliminated.


This leaves Coloradans in a pickle. Our electric grid is not fully renewable, it is still heavily dependent on natural gas. It’s hard to understand where they think we would get our energy and there is potential that we would have to ship it in from other states that don’t have as strict of regulations or, even worse, other countries that are adversaries of ours and have little to no regulations. It’s a lose/lose for Colorado. (Kait Schwartz, director of State Government Affairs).

As state investments in wind and solar power increase, Coloradans are already feeling the burden of rising costs and the challenges of maintaining their standard of living.

“This bill isn’t good for Colorado in any form or fashion,” she said. “It’s not good for business development in Colorado. We have many operators that will find it very difficult to operate here and won’t see much incentive to remain in Colorado, which is awful for jobs and awful for our climate when we have to get these products elsewhere.”

By 2035, Colorado could see a potential ban on internal combustion engines and a gradual phase-out of gas furnaces, according to a proposed bill. Additionally, seasonal oil and gas drilling would be put on hold under this legislation.

Car dealers in Cheyenne and Laramie will be delighted to hear this news as it will boost sales in Wyoming.

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