Cutchogue St. Patrick’s Day Parade Appoints Local Hero Paul Drum as Grand Marshal

The North Fork’s cherished St. Patrick’s Day Parade is making its return, and this time around, the esteemed position of Grand Marshal has been awarded to a genuine local hero: Paul Drum!

Paul’s story is truly inspiring and reflects his unwavering dedication to empowering young minds. His remarkable initiative, the Paul Drum Life Experience Project, has made a significant impact in the community. Through his tireless efforts, Paul exemplifies the true essence of the North Fork and its spirit of giving back.

The Parade: Bigger and Better Than Ever

Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 9th, as we gear up for the 19th Annual Cutchogue St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The festivities will kick off at 2 PM, with a vibrant procession making its way down Route 25 from Cox Lane, all the way to Cutchogue Village. Join us for a day filled with local civic groups, fire departments, and, of course, an abundance of Irish cheer!

Paul Drum: Leading the Way with the Paul Drum Life Experience Project

Paul’s passion for empowering children is showcased as the Grand Marshal. His program, specifically designed for kids aged 7-12, offers a wide range of workshops and activities to ignite their curiosity and expand their horizons. Each week, children can engage in various adventures, such as robotics, shark studies, and even sign language for hearing children.

A Journey of Inspiration and Giving Back

Paul’s journey started with a strong desire to give back to the community that had embraced him. Supported by his mother, Sharon Sailor, and Arlene Klein, the Paul Drum Life Experience Project has flourished. It continues to thrive through generous donations and engaging events like the popular Pirates and Mermaids breakfast, held annually.


Honored and Recognized: Paul’s Accolades

Paul’s dedication has caught the attention of many. He has received several accolades, including being named Suffolk County Legislator for the Day, New York State Assemblyman for the Day, and even Greenport Mayor for the Day! In addition, Paul’s list of honors also includes serving as Police Chief for the Day, Town Supervisor for the Day, and most recently, Senator for the Day in 2022.

“He Sends an Important Message” – Sharon Sailor, Paul’s Proud Mother

Sharon expresses her sincere appreciation for the community leaders who have supported Paul. She believes that their support sends a powerful message to the disabled community, showing them that anyone can make a positive impact. Sharon beams with pride as she reflects on Paul’s achievements, stating that he has given back more than many individuals without any disabilities. According to her, Paul is leaving behind a remarkable legacy and making his community a better place to live.

Join the Celebration!

Make sure not to miss out on this amazing opportunity to join in the festivities and honor the spirit of the community, the rich Irish heritage, and the incredible journey of Paul Drum. On March 9th, gather your green attire and make your way to Cutchogue Village for an unforgettable parade that promises to be filled with joy, lively music, and an abundance of heartfelt moments.

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