FBI Searches Homes Of 2 New York Fire Chiefs In Corruption Probe

Aiexpress – As part of a corruption investigation, the FBI conducted raids on the homes of two high-ranking fire chiefs in New York.

According to the New York Times, the investigation is centered around the payment of $100,000 to Brian Cordasco and Anthony Saccavino. The payment is believed to be part of a scheme aimed at expediting building inspections.

According to reports, the two FDNY chiefs have not been accused of any wrongdoing and are not facing any charges. It remains unclear whether either of them has sought legal representation.

On Thursday, authorities searched and sealed off the offices at the department’s Brooklyn headquarters.

Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh took proactive measures by placing both Mr. Cordasco and Mr. Saccavino on modified duty, according to a statement.


Ms. Kavanagh emphasized that the utmost priority of the F.D.N.Y. is the safety of New Yorkers, and they hold every member of the department accountable for their actions.

Thursday’s raids occurred during an ongoing investigation into Mayor Eric Adams. Adams has been accused of collaborating with FDNY officials to expedite the building inspection process as a way to provide favors to influential real estate developers and political donors.

According to a spokesperson from the mayor’s office, the investigation into Mr. Cordasco and Mr. Saccavino is not connected to Mr. Adams.

According to City Hall spokesperson Charles Lutvak, the operation came to their attention when they were informed by FDNY yesterday morning. Lutvak stated that the FDNY is actively collaborating with the Department of Investigation (DOI), and there is currently no evidence pointing towards any direct involvement from individuals at City Hall.

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