Serial Killer Marceline Harvey Was Released From Prison Twice, But Now Faces Third Trial

Aiexpress – In the 1970s, there was a wave of fear and tension in New York City due to a string of murders that deeply affected the city’s inhabitants. The community was consumed by the shocking crimes, and paranoia spread like wildfire. The fear was so intense that individuals who resembled the killer’s target demographic went to great lengths to alter their appearance. Ultimately, David Berkowitz, later dubbed the Son of Sam, was apprehended, but not before claiming the lives of six innocent people.

However, ten years prior to Berkowitz’s crimes, another killer was only getting started. While officials took a year to apprehend the son of Sam, it took nearly 60 years to apprehend the other murderer. During that time, this individual was convicted of murder twice but was released both times. This allowed them to reportedly kill again before being captured in March 2022. Where is Marceline Harvey today? She is awaiting trial, hopefully for the final time.

Marceline Harvey is now in police custody

Harvey will be tried on March 1, 2024. Harvey is transgender and used to go by the name Harvey Marcelin. To say the least, the circumstances of her arrest are strange. WABC says that the 83-year-old was caught in March 2022 after “last week Susan Leyden’s torso was found in a shopping car in Brooklyn.” Authorities put out a video of Harvey riding a scooter through a 99 Cent store while sitting on what they think is Leyden’s severed leg.

Authorities searched Harvey’s room and discovered a human head and an electric saw, according to WABC. CCTV footage shows that Leyden was last seen going into Harvey’s flat on February 27. After three days, Harvey left her flat with a trash bag on her back. The police think Leyden’s body was in the bag. Former NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said, “He takes the body apart and puts it out on the street, not far from where he lives.”

Marceline Harvey has previously been convicted of murder twice.

Chief of Detectives James Essig stated in a press release that the arrest of Harvey in March 2022 has effectively removed a serial killer from the streets. He emphasized the gravity of her actions, stating that she has committed a series of heinous offenses throughout her lifetime. The extent of her criminal history dates back to 1963, when she fatally shot a girlfriend in Manhattan. She was subsequently convicted of murder and released on lifetime parole in May of 1984.


Then, 20 years later, in 1985, Harvey stabbed and cut up another girlfriend’s body. Her body parts were later found in Central Park in a number of bags. “We see the foot coming out of the bag, so we have something bad here,” he said. When they caught him, he gave up. He said he did everything.

In April 2022, Dana Kennedy, a senior reporter with the New York Post, interviewed Harvey. When asked about her involvement, Harvey simply responded, “Yeah.” Harvey explained that she has two distinct personalities. She described Harvey as being tough and not a good person, while Marceline is kind, gentle, and loving, bringing laughter and fun. According to Harvey, it was her masculine side that she blamed for the murders during the 55-minute jailhouse interview.

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